Madelen “Tuffs” Johansson

Madelen ‘Tuffs’ Johansson

Hello, I’m a girl who likes to develop games and other fun things that move, sound and flashes. If you can’t code it, you can probably build it in other ways and if you have no metal there are plenty of cardboard and duck tape!

I’m a problem solver and find lots of things to do and build, I’ve built things in cardboard, fabric, and latex, but now I’m also building things in code!

In my free time, I like to build games, crochet, play games, play board games with friends and be outside when it’s hot.

I love to learn new things and are always working on side projects, of which you can check out here on this website.

Contact information

Technical knowledge

MS Office
Java (basic)
HTML, CSS och PHP (basic)


System developer
object-oriented system development
Humanus yrkeshögskola

2018.09 – ff
Baker & Conditor
Studium Restaurang & Bageri

2015.10 – 2016.10
Software Testers
KYH Gothenburg

2012.09 – 2014.03
IT, multimedia and music
IT Gymnasium Göteborg


Work experience

CLERK – at Tempo
Front of the store, take care of goods at delivery and in the store. Customer meeting and cashier.

2018.01 – 2018.06
CLERK  – at GameStop
Work in the store by helping customers, clean the store, take care of deliveries and responsibility at checkout.

2011.10 – 2012.01


Swedish, native language
English, Independent user


Driving licence B
Forklift licence A, B