New project under development, Wick!

2018-02-21 22:41

Now the development has started on a game that has been given the name Wick and the lost hat. The game is a 2D -platformer that you as the player helps the ghost Wick to find the lost hat.

The project is one of the bigger ones made for learning to code better and more make fun things.
Follow us on the journey to make a 2D- platformer whit allot of fun and interesting things.

Wick and the lost hat.
This 2D game in a Metroidvania style, where you help to look for the lost hat, fighting bosses, solving puzzles or just enjoy the cuteness of the blinking character Wick.

The project is planned to have different zones and themes, music and monsters. The goal right now is to make 3 base zones to the game, that is going to be the castle, cave, and library.

We are learning to code in game maker 1.4 and figuring out new things every day. Like disappearing blocks, how to animate
monsters and how to code wall crawlers that follow the walls, that one took some time.

Every day there are new things to learn and idea’s to try out, the plan is to post one time a weak on updates so you
can follow the progress of the game.

Right now we are working on the cave zone and a pause menu whit a map.
Hope you like to follow along on the yearny to make this game.

Sincerely Tuffs.