Wick and the lost hat

The game is about Wick, that one day wakes up and see that the hat is missing. Ofc you need to help Wick find it. So off you go to look for it.
On your journey, you meet some other ghosts and allot of monsters. Explore the castle and see where to go next.

This 2D game in a Metroidvania style, where you help to look for the lost hat, fighting bosses, solving puzzles or just enjoy the cuteness of the blinking character Wick.

The project is planned to have different zones and themes, music and monsters. The goal right now is to make 3 base zones to the game, that is going to be the castle, cave, and library.
For the future, we are planning to add a forest/jungle area, ice zone and a dark zome and maybe more.

This game is so much as possible text free except the menu and numbers, to give the game a special feeling.


Sincerely Tuffs.