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Tuffs blogg

Connect four!

2018-12-05 20:12

Connect Four!
you know that classic game right? where you connect four dots of one color and you win? made one!


I built this Calculator!

2018-11-14 19:45

I have been a bit busy because I have started to study to become a software developer, and I wanted to show a small calculator I built today! and I let kipp the tiny whale be in it because I thought it would be cute!


Slow progress.

2018-03-20 10:38

Hi everyone!

This week have taken a slow turn because I got sick, and have not had the strength to do anything really. But now am feeling better and are getting back on track again and so will soon post a new update on the game.

Hope you all are feeling well.


2018-03-07 22:29

Hi everyone!

Today we made a donation page, for anyone interesting in supporting us here at Tuffs Ruffs Games. You just click on the donation page to the left, it’s easy to find. Anything helps and it will make us really happy!

At the moment the first goal was to put up a webpage and then start blogging about were progress, that we will keed on doing. And the next goal is to get Game Maker 2 and to make a Demo off the game project Wick, and the lost hat. So I hope you look forward to that.

For the moment we have been working on optimizing controls, menus, enemy behavior and other bug fixes that you encounter in game making. We hade some brainstorming on what zones that could potently be in the game and monsters ideés.

Game Progress Update 0.44!

2018-03-04 23:46

Game info/pause menu.

This latest update we added a map to our game pause menu and are showing a marker of where the player is.
Depending on what maps you have found, the menu shows only those maps.
Here is a preview of how it is looking right now.

Now it is harder to get lost.
If you find a map of course.

Game Progress Update 0.38!

2018-03-01 12:29

This week:
We worked on moving platforms, the platforms you can rid on, yay!

Moving platforms are not that hard to make if you can make a moving object that moves back and forth, but then you have to make the player “ride” the platform, that’s the tricky part, also what happens when two platforms coiled? That is all questions you need to consider in your programming so then it gets a bit trickier.

We have also worked on  (more…)

Wick, the story.

2018-02-25 13:56

The game is about Wick, that one day wakes up and see that the hats are missing. Ofc you need to help Wick find them. So off you go to look!
On your journey, you meet some other ghosts and allot of monsters. Explore the castle and see where to go next.


                Here is a sneak peek of some of the monsters


                These bad guys are out to get you so be careful!

New project under development, Wick!

2018-02-21 23:41

Now the development has started on a game that has been given the name Wick and the lost hat. The game is a 2D -platformer that you as the player helps the ghost Wick to find the lost hat.

The project is one of the bigger ones made for learning to code better and more make fun things.
Follow us on the journey to make a 2D- platformer whit allot of fun and interesting things. (more…)